Connecting the World by Learning Together About Entrepreneurship

Dries Velthuizen

Following the current theme of Rotary International and the call for an African Renaissance, Rotary District 9400 in collaboration with the Institute for African Renaissance Studies from Unisa and the Township Project from Canada will present the African Renaissance Entrepreneurship Symposium. On 26 and 27 September 2019 potential African entrepreneurs, academics and established business people will gather at the Unisa main campus in Pretoria to share knowledge about how to start and manage small businesses towards profitability and sustainability.

Inspired by the need to capacitate especially young African people to create jobs for themselves and for others, the symposium will create a space and knowledge platform where people can learn together on how to apply their knowledge and creative ideas.
From an African Renaissance perspective, learning about entrepreneurship will enable the participants involved to nurture an environment where people can reach their full potential, focussing on opportunities for the youth. The symposium thus creates an awareness of the many opportunities available for upskilling and study so that young people can benefit from the fourth industrial revolution and contribute to a productive economy. The symposium creates the opportunity to form an inclusive network that links various stakeholders in person, through information technology in a democratic space where they can enter into a conversation to ensure that innovation thrives and flourish for the benefit of the African peoples towards an African Renaissance.

In this regard, it is the role of the academic and scientific community to build linkages through formal learning and informal innovation so that people are equipped with the skills needed in the digital age.
The symposium thus complements formal learning presented at educational institutions such as Unisa, in this case focussing on the African Renaissance imperative of building a happy and prosperous

Rotarian Professor Dries Velthuizen
21 July 2019