The Tholoana Enterprise Programme helps Entrepreneurs achieve Success.

South Africa needs small businesses to succeed because this is how the local economy can be stimulated and jobs created.
However, to succeed and and sustain that growth, they need market opportunities, mentorship, business skills and funding.

The SAB Foundation’s Tholoana Enterprise Programme gives small business owners all this support and more.
The programme has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results for hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the country, across multiple business sectors.
This year, the SAB Foundation, in partnership with small business growth specialists Fetola, will recruit 40-60 entrepreneurs who are keen to learn, determined to take their business to the next level and who want to contribute to the economy.

Entrepreneurs who meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply for a coveted spot on the programme.

Applications are open from 1 September to 30 September 2021 at midday.

• The business is a going concern, commercially sustainable and viable
• The business is black owned and managed.
• The business is fully operational and has been trading for at least 12 months.
• The business is in the early stages of growth.
• The applicant is involved in the daily operations and management of the business on a full-time basis and is not employed by any other organisation.
The business is headquartered and registered (if applicable), within South African borders.
In addition, preference will be given to:
• Enterprises that create jobs in areas with few other opportunities
• Women and youth-owned businesses.
• Enterprises run by or benefitting people living with disabilities.
• Peri-urban and rural enterprises.

Applications are also welcome from businesses working in new and growing sectors such as export, manufacturing, food processing, water, energy and waste management.