Testimonial Competition

Send us a testimonial video of your experience at the 2021 Building Better Business Symposium and you’ll stand a chance to win a computer!

What we need:
1-2 minute video of your experience when attending the 2021 Building Better Businesses Symposium. You can include things like your favorite parts, biggest learnings and how it is going to help you in building your business. You can also include what your business is and where you are based.
How to shoot your video:
  1. Either hold your phone or rest it against something (so that it is more stable), at your eye level height, not from below – on its side (landscape) not right up (portrait) – see picture example.
    We would prefer to see you from your shoulder height up – so don’t be too close to the camera/phone.
  2. Make sure you are well lit, from the front, don’t have a light or the sun behind you. Take the video during the day.
  3. No background noise. Try to take the video in a place or time when there is very little background noise. We want to be able to hear you clearly. Remember to also speak loud and slowly.
How to submit your final video?
Complete the below form and upload your video at the end of the form. Make sure to wait until your video is finished uploading before clicking submit. It may take a few minutes depending on your cell phone signal.
What can you win?
A computer! The best testimonial that is submitted will win this computer for themselves/their business. Now that’s one way to take your business to the next level!